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E. McGrath Inc

35 Osborne Street, Salem MA  01970

LBK020 Air Products Prism series 1000 nitrogen membrane system   provides 95 to 99.9% nitrogen from compressed air, to 170 pounds, 5-900 scfh.  $2,250
LBK046 Hoke sample cylinder, 2250 ml. 304 ss $185
LBK047 Spectra 37" wide gas cabinet, will accept 3 cylinders, heavy steel with reinforced windows. PIX2 $1,150
LBK052 Vacuum General Model 80-4 flow/ratio control module $445
LBK054 Vacuum General Model 80-3 extended set point module $245
LBK058A MKS 2258 flow meter with valve, 100 sccm, FACTORY REBUILT $795
LBK062 MKS 260 series control module $450
LBK065 MKS 260PS-1 power supply, 3,2 amps +/- 15 volts POR
LBK066 MKS 260PS-1 power supply 1.5 amp +/- 15 volts. 7# net weight $230
LBK067 MKS 262 display module $385
LBK068 MKS 260PS-2 power supply, 3.0 amp $395
LBK068A MKS 261 display module $315
LBK069 MKS 147B-PLO-488 mass flow & pressure programmer & display, 4 channel, RS232 IEE488 and process limit option New Arrival $1,975
LBK070 MKS 647C-4-R-O-N  4 channel mass flow and pressure programmer & RS-232C, no relay or control options New Arrival $2,450
LBK072 MKS 246 single channel mass flow controller power supply & readout sold
LBK073 MKS 247C four channel mass flow controller power supply & readout, sold
LBK074 MKS 1153A-2022 low vapor pressure source delivery system w/ analog controller, setup for TiI4 40sccm. Includes 1153A-14533 power supply and controller range 10sccm.  No cables included. PIX2 PIX3 specs Manual $5,450
LBK075 MKS 250B-1 w/o display $750
LBK076 MKS 264A multi channel display $315
LBK077 MKS 250C-1-A $850
LBK078 MKS 250C-1-D-PLO $1,050
LBK079 MKS 248A gas control valve for use with 250 series. 200 or 500 sccm $295
LBK980 MKS 258 gas control valve for use with 250 series.500 sccm $525
LBK085 Edwards/Datametrics 825 mass flow controllers, various ranges $425
LBK086 Edwards/Datametrics 832 mass flow meters, various ranges $295
LBK090 Tylan General FC2900V, 40 sccm Nitrogen NEW $850
LBK095 Tylan General FC2900V, 250 sccm, Nitrogen NEW $850
LBK100 Tylan General FC2902VT various ranges and gases $500
LBK105 Unit UFC1100A, various ranges and gases $400

978-744-3546   3/28/17