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LBH001 Gaertner L231 high dispersion prec. wavelength spectrometer $2,500
LBH004 Gaertner L116 L117 ellipsometer, manually operated More_Info $2,450
LBH025 Hass Instrument dual micrometer standard differential pressure manometer 0-2" absolute or differential DMS-1 More_Info $1,800
LBH040 TGA: Cahn 1000 vacuum micro balance, 100 gram capacity, 1 microgram sensitivity fitted with Theta Industries 1500 degree C tube furnace for thermogravimetric measurements.  Does not include the vacuum system. $4,250
LBH046 Jarrell-Ash 75-150, 1 meter spectrograph,  modified Czerny-Turner, now as monochrometer with entrance & exit slits. Has grating mount, but no grating, 104 x 110 mm needed $3,750
LBH048 SPEX HS1000 Hand Scan Controller, to connect to Data Scan $750
LBH049 SPEX 1704, 1 meter ebert monochromator, 781001 grating, 100 mm x 100mm, 1451 N&X slits, w/o control Manual.pdf PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6 PIX7 PIX8 PIX9 PIX10 PIX11 $4,750
LBH050 SPEX 1870C .5 meter Czerny-Turner spectrometer $5,250
LBH051 SPEX 1401 .85m double monochrometer. Without gratings, control,  or slits.NEMA23 4 phase motor.  PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 $1,950
LBH053 Melles Griot 4 leg air isolation system. 28" high  1100 Kg capacity. 80 psi PIX2 $1,950
LBH056 Newport NN4-28 rigid leg set, 28" high. $725
LBH059 Newport NR-16 rigid support system, consists or 3 legs with adjusting screw.  Does not include interface plate.  Base is 15 inch triangle. $725
LBH060 Zygo Maxim NT surface profiler, laser, main frame only, 6202-0100-01, for flats only Fizeau/Mirau $4,500
LBH061 Kinetics Vibra Plane 4 x 8 x 8" optical table with 28" solid legs. 5108-4896-21H. PIX2 New Arrival $3,100
LBH062 Newport 4 x 12 x 8" optical table, 1 x 1" holes, 4 XL-A 28" air isolation legs with 3 valves  PIX2 The photo of the leg set shows a 16" high system. We are selling the 28" leg set which looks the same, only taller $5,250
LBH063 Thor Labs 5 x 8' x 8" optical table, PTM11113, 1/4 20 holes on 1 x 1 inch matrix with active air isolation 27" high legs. PIX2 New Arrival $5,250
LBH064 Ealing 4 x 8 x 10" thick optical table with TMC air isolation leg system. PIX2 PIX3 PIX4  New Arrival $4,250
LBH065 TMC Micro-G rigid leg set for optical table, 13-417-25, 62 x 32 x 28" high. Includes one screw leveling mount missing from photo. Two piece cross arm shortens to 42" long. The cross arms are 20 and 30 inches, bolted together $925
LBH068 TMC 4 x 6 x 8" thick Cleantop II optical table, 773-451-02R, 1/4" holes on 1 inch centers, with 13-427-34 rigid leg system with casters, 29" high PIX2 New Arrival $3,750
LBH072 McPherson exit slit, 8103-0026-0, for 207 or similar monochromator $1,150
LBH077 International Light IL11700/790 double monochromator (Kratos-Schoeffel) spectroradiometer system w/ SED 400 detector, input optics missing parts, 200-700 NM $4,500
LBH078 International Light IL1700 Radiometer with SED007, SED623, SED033, SED624 detectors. This is the older, non-USB version. Manual-pdf $1,950
LBH080 PAR 155 vibrating sample magnetometer w/o electronics PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6 $3,500
LBH081 PAR 197 optical chopper with built in two range variable frequency controller $575
LBH083 EG&G/PAR 5209 2 phase lock in amp, RS-232 & GPIB interfaces, 19#,  PIX2  $1,950
LBH087 EG&G/PAR 5208 lock in amp, 2 Phase, option 91, RS232/IEEE488 interfaces $1,750
LBH089 PAR 5204 lock-in amplifier, Option 95 $1,450
LBH090 PAR 5206 two phase lock in amplifier option 96-97-99 $1,600
LBH095 Davidson D-308 interferometer, 2.5" aperture. Non laser, monochromatic light source. 120# PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 $5,500
LBH097 McPherson 218 vacuum UV monochromator, variable slits, 1200 g/mm MgF2 grating, photo tube,  .3 meter, F5.3, crisscrossed Czerny Turner Interior PIX   Vacuum system not included; turbo pumps available More_Info $4,500
LBH099 Santa Barbara Infrared 2008G, model 920G blackbody source controller. Version 20A. s/n 1364  PIX2 $1,425
LBH103 Kratos/Schoeffel/McPherson GM 200-1 double grating monochromator, 200-700 nm, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 nm bandwidth selector, f/4 aperture ratio, quartz optics, slit height 6.35 mm. $1,850
LBH104 McPherson 219 .5 meter vacuum monochromator, f/8.7, Czerny Turner, takes 50 x 50mm snap-in grating, not included. With bilateral adjustable entrance & exit slits. Vacuum system not included PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6    More_Info $9,750
LBH112 Newport Oriel 70347, calibrated InGaAs detector, 800-1700nm,  New Surplus  $1,025
LBH113 Newport Oriel 70343 calibrated PbS detector, 700-300nm,  New Surplus $650
LBH114 Newport Oriel 70356 calibrated Si detector, 200-1100nm, New Surplus $775