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Used & Surplus Equipment

LBA002 Union Process Szegvari Attritor System, TYPE: B SIZE: HD01 SN: 041203 Reliance Electric  VS Drive, SP500 mfg 2004 Motor is 230/460/3 phase X-proof 1/2 HP. Drive is 460v. We can quote on changing to 230 volts, More_Info PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6 PIX7  As new condition.  Newly Arrived $7,950
LBA003 Peltsman Corporation MIGL-37 automatic low pressure molding system for metal and ceramic powders. Includes 6 gallon, planetary mixing tank with vacuum, 1.5 HP variable speed motor, 3 zone Watlow temperature controllers, to 150C. Air pressure for mold.Durant 56450-400 PLC/Counter.  Uses thermoplastic or thermosetting binders. 230/60/1 power required.PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6 PIX7 PIX8 PIX9 PIX10 Replacement cost $85,000 Video-1  Video-2 $12,500
LBA016 Porcelain jar mill, 1 gallon. 8" OD by 9" tall, $325
LBA018A Abbe "0", 3 gallon Lumard jar, w/o cover.  Two available, each: $425
LBA139 Vacuum Atmospheres Pedatrol, stand alone mount with pedal $475
LBA149A Vacuum Atmospheres anti-chamber 12" extension $900
LBA149B Vacuum Atmospheres anti-chamber 3 ft extension $1100
LBA149C Vacuum Atmospheres anti-chamber 9" extension $950
LBA181 SS White/Penwalt H abrasive unit, large hopper $1,450
LBA182 SS White/Penwalt HME abrasive unit, oversize feed hopper. $1,850
LBA189 Kinematica Polytron PTD-EX disperser/homogenizer, 1.6 KW, 3phase motor,  with detachable generator. Motor is two speed.  Your choice of a 230 volt 60 Hz or 380 volt 50 Hz mtor  PIX2 $1,950
LBA190 Myers Mixer disperser, X proof, LB775-2-1111 2 HP 230/460/3 New belts and motor bearings. Hand crank lift PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 more_info $2,150

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