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SC0404 March Instruments PX ATM plasma system for 1/4" ID quartz tubing. 115 volts. Possibly used to plasma clean ammonia  PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5  New Arrival $4,750
SC0452 PT Analytical 210 end point controller unit, w/o monochrometer/detector 2@ $350
SC0453 Xinix 1011B end point detector, controller only $1,750
SC0454 Xinix 1014 enpoint controller and 1104 monochrometer $3,450
SC0458 EG&G/PAR optical multi-channel analyzer, 1451 plasma monitor w/1452, 512 element 2.5 mm aperture SIPD detector, HP 1340A display $2,500
SC0489 Semitool STI 260C  rinser dryer, now with 3" rotor, w/o controller $1,300

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