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SCQ117 Wentworth Labs 0-025-0001 manual wafer probe 3.5" vacuum chuck, 4 x 4 movement, Nikon SMZ-2B stereo microscope and one PR-240 micromanipulator. Made in USA  PIX2  $3,250
SCQ130 Plat General 200 point probe w/o optics $395
SCQ150 Signatone/MDC CSM system w/Boonton 72BD $5,950
SCQ160 PAR 410 C-V plotting system complete with XY recorder, Temptronic TP36B ThermoChuck system and 5-1/4" diameter gold plated wafer chuck. 30 to 300C temperature range. 1 Mhz capacitance measurement, +/- 100 volt ramp limits. Probe not included. $6,000
SCQ170 PAR 410 control unit only $1,750
SCQ171 PAR 410 CV plotter with XY chart recorder $2,750
SCQ210 Electroglas 131 manual wafer probe, 2" chuck, two probes, B&L arm, w/o scope. Foot pedal operates lift/lower motor for the stage. $2,150
SCQ390 Sage DAE105 die attachment evaluator for laser & LED's 50# net weight $4,250
SCQ430 Sloan Dektak 900050 profile measurer w/recorder and FLM. First generation profilometer, offered as-is. Includes two main profile base units. Needs TLC. More_Info $1,950
SCQ472 Dadge load cells, 20 or 50 gram.    Each: $475

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