Vacuum Leak Detectors & Residual Gas Analyzers: Alcatel, Edwards, Leybold, Varian/NRC, Veeco, Balzers, Inficon, TTI Ametek/Dycor

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Leak Detectors and Residual Gas Analyzers



NOTE: Price indicated on all leak detectors, except those offered "as is"  include Overhaul & calibrations.

Inquire for as-is pricing on leak detectors

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VLD105 Alcatel ASM 110T cart-mounted turbo pump, sniffer & 11 CFM rough pump More_Info $6,250
VLD106 Alcatel ASM 10 cart-mounted with sniffer probe & 3.2 cfm roughing pump. 115 volts. PIX2 PIX3 $3,250




VLD190 Ulvac DLMS-531-3A helium leak detector, Balzers turbo with Varian SD-90 pumps. Cart mounted with instruction manual  Specs $9,500


VLD300 Varian 936-40 portable cart mounted , diffusion pumped, no LN2 with  rough pump PIX2  PIX3. Not overhauled $2,300
VLD310 Varian 956 remote control for leak detector $575
VLD425 Varian 947 auto test leak detector, diffusion pumped,  with  roll around console No LN2 with 7cfm direct drive pumps. 115/60/1 20 amps More_Info   PIX2 PIX3 Tested, in good operating condition. $7,950



VLD600 Leybold quick test sniffing probe w/ calibrated leak NEW $2,250


VGA100 Ametek/Dycor M100 MBHCD residual gas analyzer system, 100AMU, cart mounted, Faraday cup & electron multiplier, w/ Balzers TPU50 turbo, Balzers TCP040 control & Edwards E2M-1 backing pump & aperture bypass manifold PIX2 PIX3 INFO $7,500
VGA125 Ametek/Dycor D100P system 1000 quadrupole power supply Quad Link upgrade, system 2000 software & M106; 100 AMU faraday cup detector $2,950
VGA150 Balzers QMG64 partial pressure analyzer 1-64AMU w/ control, analyzer electronics & Quadrupole/Faraday analyzer $2,450
VGA250 Inficon Quadrex 100 partial pressure analyzer 1-64AMU w/ control, analyzer electronics & Quadrupole/Faraday analyzer $3,250
VGA255 Inficon Quadrex PPC partial pressure controller sysem 1-100 AMU w/electron multiplier/araday cup sensor, scu & cables $5,250
VGA260 Inficon Quadrex 100 Faraday cup sensors- 100 AMU ; two of 019-100-G2 and two older versions Pt# 017-604 & Pt# 155-28.  Lot price for the 4. Untested, as-is $950
VGA325 Inficon Transpector H200M 1-200 AMU EM/FC high performance sensor, electronics, power supply, sensor heating jacket & manual RS-485 to PC, not included.  New Arrival $7,500
VGA350 Inficon Transpector H300 CIS 1-300AMU with sensor, manifold, heating jacket, power supply, air cooled, oil lubricated TMP150 turbo pump & controller w/ sensors w/o mechanical pump. PC not included, we have a copy of the Transpector software. PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6 $13,500
VGA400 Inficon IPC2 pressure converter, air operated w/ 150 millitorr orifice w/o turbo pump NEW $1,295
VGA450 SpectraMass Dataquad DAQ200/DXM residual gas analyzer 1-200AMU complete w/dual detector, Faraday/Multiplier- RF head & cables $3,450
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