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Precision Resistance Spot Welders

E. McGrath Inc, 35 Osborne St, Salem MA  01970


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WE2106 Used Miyachi 125DP 1-199-03 supply, New 88F double head and MSP foot pedal.   CE Rated  PIX3 PIX4 PIX5   PIX8  box with pedal 9#, box with supply 50#, box with head 26# but dim weight of 49# 2 month warranty  $6,950
WE2107 Amada Miyachi 100ADP welding supply, 1-295-01, with Amada 80A/EZ head, 2-143-05-23 (new surplus), FS2L two level foot switch and high current cables. 120/240 volt input. PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 Newly Arrived $6,900
WE2108 Unitek Miyachi 125DP DC supply with 88F double head and MSP foot pedal. Useful for battery tabbing. 115 volts $6,500
WE2109 Unitek Miyachi Phasemaster 6 AC supply, X2 transformer  with 88F double head and MSP foot pedal. Useful for battery tabbing. 230 volts $6,500
WE2110 ETB2 table electrode, 2 x 1.75", 3/8" shaft, 13-022-12 $490
WE2111 ETB3 table electrode, 3 x 3", 5/8" shaft, 13-019-20 $950
WE2600 Unitek Miyachi electrode force gauges:  FG50, 50 pounds or FG15, 15 pounds $475
WE2601 Unitek Peco MG3 Digital Process Sentry,115-230 50/60 Hz PIX2  $4,425
WE2602 Miyachi Technos MM-121B weld checker PIX2 $725
WE2603 Miyachi current loops, many sizes in stock POR
WE2604 Miyachi MB-400K toroidal coil. 5-3/4" ID $220
WE2605 Unitek old style MSP medium force swing pedal, use with series 80 or 37/38 heads $325
WE2606 Amada Miyachi MSP medium force swing pedal, 100 # max force 10-314-01. PIX2  New Surplus $450
WE2607 Unitek Miyachi CP cable pedal, 10-260-03 used $395
WE2608 Unitek Miyachi X5/115/230 AC transformer, 9-109-01 with 3 pin Amphenol screw connector 45# $1,225
WE2611 Unitek Miyachi Unibond II transformer $825
WE2612 Unitek X1-115 Unipulse transformer, 9-001-01, 15 pin connector $275
WE2613 Unitek Miyachi X2/230 transformer, 9-006-03 with blue metric power input connector. PIX2  $750
WE2613A Unitek Miyachi X2/230 transformer, 9006-01 with 3 pin Amphenol screw connector PIX2 $750
WE2616 Unitek 7500A AC welding supply with integral transformer. 230/1 $2,100
  Unitek Miyachi Welding Handpieces  
WE2617 Unitek Miyachi THP tweezers hand piece, 4 feet long, ring terminals or 1/4" male $875
WE2617B Unitek Miyachi HDT 5-012 heavy duty handpiece 500 watt seconds, 1 to 25 pounds force. 1/4" male connectors, 4 foot cables sold
WE2617C Unitek HP2 series hand piece, 500 watt seconds, 7.5 KVA missing electrode holders. PIX2 PIX3  $495
WE2617D Unitek Miyachi GHP gun handpiece with ground cable.   sold
WE2617F Unitek PHP single handpiece, 4' cable, ring tongue, & pencil ground cable. $775
WE2617FF Unitek Miyachi PHP single handpiece 5-014-04, ground cable 4-80661-01 New Surplus $1,150
WE2617G Unitek HFP high force probe handpiece 5-020-01 500 wt-sec, 3 to 25 # sold
WE2617K Unitek HDP 5-015-01 heavy duty probe handpiece 500 wt-sec 1 to 25 # force.  $825
WE2617H Unitek FS foot switch, 2 pin connector $95
WE2617J Miyachi FS2L two level foot switch, 10-240-02. New Surplus $395
WE2617L Unitek 5-013-01 probe hand piece with manual trigger, 1/4" male $495
WE2617M Unitek HP3000 light duty probe hand piece, 100 wt-sec with manual trigger $475
WE2617N Unitek MTH light force tweezers with FS foot switch, $775
WE2617P Unitek HP-II parallel handpiece, useful for battery tabbing PIX2   $1,075
WE2619 Unitek Peco model 72 dual weld head controller 2-240-02 $2,475
WE2620 Unitek Miyachi DFS allows the use of two weld heads $130
WE2621 Unitek 1040 precision butt welding head, 4 ozs to 10 #, 100 watt seconds. $1,125
WE2622 Unitek 127F parallel gap head, takes 1/8" square tips $1,150
WE2626 Unitek 2-037 weld head,  500 wt-sec, 50# force, 1/4" female PIX2   $1,350
WE2626A Unitek 2-037-01 weld head,   500 wt-sec, 50# force, 1/4" female connections. PIX2 $1,275
WE2627 Unitek 38A series parallel head, 2-138-07, useful for battery tabbing. Air operated, 115 volt solenoid. 50# force. Buss bar connections.   $2,050
WE2628 Unitek 38F series parallel head, 2-038-04. 50# force. ring connections PIX2  $1,625
WE2629 Unitek 125, 1-163-03, 125 wt-sec welding power supply, buss bar output connections  115/230 volts, now wired for 115. $1,850
WE2629B Unitek 125, 1-163-01, 125 wt-sec welding power supply, 1/4" female output connections  115/230 volts, now wired for 115. $1,750
WE2629A Unitek Miyachi 125DP, 1-199-02 125 wt-sec dual pulse welding power supply, 115/230 volts, now wired for 115 volts. CE Rated  More_Info $3,300
WE2630A Unitek reflow soldering/welding system: Unitek PMIV, Unitek light force 46F Thinline head with cable foot pedal, Bausch & Lomb Stereozoom 4 microscope with 10X eyepieces and .5X supplemental lens for 7 focal distance,  PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 $4,950
WE2631 Unitek 60, 1-164-01 60 watt second capacitor discharge power supply, analog. 115/230; now wired for 115 volts. 1/4" female connection $1,350
WE2632 Unitek 1-162, 60 watt second analog supply, 1/4" female output. 115v $775
WE2634 Miyachi Technos MD-1000E linear transistor supply, 200 to 1000 amps, constant power,  one pulse, with up & down slope. Current or voltage feedback. .5 to 4.99 ms. Output monitor. 120 volts. $3,150
WE2648A Unipulse Transformer for Unitek Miyachi 500DP, dual pulse, 500 wt-sec supply, 1-251-03, transformer weight 78#   PIX2 Newly arrived $1,250
WE2649 Unitek 500; 1-188-01 500 watt second supply with external pulse transformer. 115 volt input. File Photo. $4,100
WE2650 Unitek 500; 1-188-03 500 watt second welding supply. External pulse transformer not included (7 pin Amp connector) Untested. $500
WE2651 Unitek 101 miniature welding head with 90 fixture for horizontal welding and CP foot pedal.  $1,050
WE2654 Unitek 2-101-01 miniature welding head, 100 watt-second maximum $825
WE2655 Unitek 2-032-03 miniature welding head, 100 watt-second 8oz to 15# PIX2 $825
WE2656 Unitek 1032B miniature welding head. 100 watt-second maximum $625
WE2656A Unitek 1032B miniature welding head, without lower electrode assembly $525
WE2659 Unitek 250 welding system: 250 analog supply 1-180-01, 37F head with MSP foot pedal on bench with casters. PIX2. $4,250
WE2660 Unitek Phasemaster IV PM4A, 1-230-04 with X2/115RF 2 kva transformer, with thermocouple input. Designed for solder reflow applications.  115 volts, 50/60 hz. Control 24#, transformer 25# $3,250
WE2661 Unitek Miyachi Phasemaster 6, PM6, 1-237-03 AC microprocessor AC controller with X8/230 9-002-02 transformer, 230/60/50/1 $3,650
WE2662 Unitek Miyachi Phasemaster 6 with X2/230 volt transformer, 80A head and foot switch. 230 volt input. Available with 80F head and CP $4,950
WE2663 Unitek Miyachi X2/115RF Unipulse transformer 9-020-01, 1 to 3.8 volts out in 4 steps.  24# PIX2 $625
WE2664 Unitek Miyachi 16 KVA welding system Phasemaster PM7/230, 1-239-06 with X16/230 9-004-02 transformer and Unitek 84A/24 Thinline air operated welding head. 40# force, 1/4" electrodes Transformer weight, 94# $6,250
WE2664A Unitek Miyachi 16 KVA welding system Phasemaster PM7/230, 1-239-06 with X16/230 9-004-02 transformer and Unitek 82AS/ EZ air Thinline air operated welding head. 40# force, 1/4" electrodes Transformer weight, 94# $6,950
WE2665 Unitek Miyachi 16 KVA welding system Phasemaster PM7/460 , 1-240-06 with X16/460 9-007-02 transformer and Unitek 84A/24 Thinline air operated welding head.40# force, 1/4" electrodes Transformer weight, 94# $5,750
WE2665A Unitek Miyachi Phasemaster PM7/460 , 1-240-06 PIX2 New Surplus Newly Arrived $2,950
WE2666 Unitek Miyachi Phasemaster7 PM7 board, 4-33087-01-C version 2.07 tested. for any voltage PM7 $925
WE2667A Unitek WS Weld Sentry, 3-131-01.  115 volts  PIX2  $1,050
WE2667 Unitek Miyachi Weld Sentry board, fits 250DP and Phasemaster series 7 controls. RS232   $1,050
WE2668 Unitek Miyachi Dual Pulse 250DP welding supply,   6700 amp max output.   1-250-04, 120 volts. 50/60 hertz.  100 pound net weight.   (Add $950 for Weld Sentry option 250DPS 1-254-02 PIX2) PIX3 $4,450
WE2668A Unitek 250, 1-180-02, 250 watt second welding supply, analog readout. Bus bar output connections 115 volts  $2,375
WE2668B Unitek 250 Dual pulse, 250 watt second welding supply, analog readout. Bus bar output connections 115 volts  $2,675
WE2669 Unitek Miyachi Thinline 88A/24 2-160-05-01 air operated series head, 1/4"  eccentric electrodes.  Ideal for battery tabbing. 20# force, 24v solenoid. 2 KVA/250 wt-sec rating.  18# net weight. $3,450
WE2669A Unitek Miyachi Thinline 88A/EZ   air operated series head, 2-160-06  1/4" eccentric electrodes.  Ideal for battery tabbing. 20# force, 24v solenoid. 2 KVA/250 wt-sec rating. PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 Newly Arrived $4,275
WE2669B Unitek Miyachi Thinline 88F foot pedal operated series head, 2-161-04 1/4"  eccentric electrodes with MSP foot pedal PIX2 $3,450
WE2670 Unitek Miyachi Thinline 80A air operated welding head.80A/24 or 120.    20# force, 1/8" electrodes,   5 KVA/250wt-sec $1,525
WE2670A Amada Miyachi 80A/EZ air operated weld head with EZ Air 2-143-04-23. CE Rated. 24v ac/dc PIX2 $2,750
WE2670B Miyachi MH-80A, air operated weld head, new surplus. Does not include air solenoid. 6 month warranty Newly Arrived $1,825
WE2671 Unitek Miyachi Thinline 80F weld head, 2-142-04 20# 2 KVA/250wt-sec $1,425
WE2672 Unitek Miyachi 80 series weld head microscope stand, accepts B&L microscope, available at additional cost $695
WE2672A Unitek Miyachi 86F parallel gap weld head 2-146-03 manual, 1/2 to 20# force range. $1,975
WE2672B Unitek Miyachi 86A/EZ parallel gap weld head, 2-148-04-05 PIX2 PIX3 $2,925
WE2673 Unitek Miyachi 87A weld head, Thermode/Unitip fixture. Air operated 2-159-02  Specify 24 or 120 vac solenoid. Available as 87F manual, same price  Add $850 for EZ Air option PIX2 $1,975
WE2673B Unitek Miyachi 87A weld head, Thermode/Unitip fixture. Air operated 2-159-03 6 month warranty New Surplus $2,300
WE2673A Unitek Miyachi 87SA/24 reflow head, with 1.75" wide thermode holder. With all cables to plug into a Uniflow supply. PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 $4,150
WE2674 Unitek Miyachi Thinline 82A weld head, 2-157-02, single electrode for automatic welding.6 to 40# maximum force  Air operated, 24 volt coil. $1,450
WE2675 Unitek Miyachi Thinline 180F 2-164-01 heavy duty welding head, manually operated.  5 to 100 pound force PIX2 PIX3 New Surplus.  Add $350 to convert to 180A $2,550
WE2675A Unitek Miyachi Thinline 180A/EZ  2-165-01-09  heavy duty welding head, air operated with EZ Air.  5 to 100 pound force PIX2 New Arrival $3,250
WE2675B Unitek Miyachi 2-151-01 90A heavy duty weld head, air operated 7-150 #  force. 1/4" electrodes. New air cylinder 120 or 24 volt solenoid. 39# PIX2 PIX3 $4,250
WE2675C Unitek Miyachi 90RA/24 2-151-02-02 reflow head, heavy duty. 7 to 100# Accepts blade style thermode to 2.5 inches 120 or 24 volt solenoid  38# PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 $4,750
WE2676 Unitek Miyachi Thinline 84A/24 medium duty weld head 2-207-01. 1/4" electrodes, 4 to 40# force, 24 volt air solenoid.  $1,550
WE2676A Unitek Miyachi Thinline 84A/EZ medium duty weld head 4 to 40# force and EZ air control. Specify 1/8 or 1/4" electrode holders. PIX2 $2,850
WE2676B Unitek Miyachi 84 weld head, 4 to 40# force, manual $1,575
WE2677 Unitek Miyachi 400M weld head module. 4 to 16 # force. 6 month warranty New Surplus. $1,375
WE2678 Unitek Miyachi 408SM dual weld head, with air op assembly. 24 vdc coils. $3,150
WE2678A Miyachi 71 precision servo motor head 2-240-01 with control and foot pedal 1 to 8# Mfg 2010 Missing electrode holders   PIX2  PIX3 More_Info Newly Arrived $8,250
WE2678B Unitek Miyachi 72 precision servo motor  head parallel gap 2-241-02 with control  1 to 8# (.25# with a spring change) and foot switch  PIX2 PIX3  Specs    $9,750
WE2678C Amada Miyachi 73 High Force Motorized Servo Weld Head Opposed Electrodes 2-244-01 15 to 110 pounds. With head, control and foot switch. PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5  6 month warranty New in box. Newly Arrived  Specs $11,575
WE2679 Unitek Peco 61F head, 2-233-01,  with CP pedal. 1000 amps. Manual actuation with overforce protection. 1-10# Accepts 1/8" round electrode.  $1,850
WE2679A Unitek Miyachi 302H/115V electromagnetic weld head with 302H/115 volt controller PIX2 PIX3 Video $7,250
WE2680 Unitek HF2/240 high frequency inverter welding system 1-264-03, with 80F manual head and CP pedal, Choice of transformer: Miyachi X11/4000; with 3000 amp output, 9 volts, 33:1 ratio. or Miyachi IT-511B 208/60/50/3 input. Other heads available upon request PIX2 PIX3 $8,250
WE2681 Miyachi MEA-100A AC welding controller, two pulse capability, with MT-510A transformer, 1 KVA, 1600 amps and current feedback toroid. Higher capacity transformers available. 200-220 volts, single phase. PIX2 PIX3 $3,250
WE2681A Optional transformers for above WE2681: MT-520A 3,700 amps, 3.5 KVA, $300 additional;    MT-530A, 6,600 Amps, 6 KVA 200 x 2.7 to 5.3 volts, $600 additional.  
WE2681C Miyachi MEA-100A AC welding controller, two pulse capability 200-240 input, 12#  PIX2 PIX3 More_Info  New Surplus. $2,450
WE2682 Dengensha 58 KVA welding transformer, 200/60/1 input. 6.3 to 8.7 volt secondary. 159# water cooled. Several in stock PIX2 PIX3 $625
WE2683 Miyachi CY-210B-90 welding controller with integral rear mounted SCR and MT-520A transformer. 3.2 kva rated, 18.5 kva max. 208/60/1. 15 in stock $2,750
WE2684 Miyachi CY-210B welding controller with SC-90-2 SCR and MT-510A transformer,1.6 kva rated,5.6 kva max. 208/60/1. 7 in stock $2,250
WE2685 Miyachi IS-221A 1khz inverter welding controller with IT-512A transformer, 22 kva,  208/60/3,  With MA-201 programming pendant. One or two pulse capability. PIX2 More_Info $5,750
WE2686 Miyachi CY-210B digital AC welding controller with Dengensha WT3 CS6 transformer, 50 kva, and water cooled SCR. 200 x 6.3-8.7v, 60/1. $3,450
WE2687 Miyachi IP-217A programmable power supply with IT-511B transformer (new) 3,000 amps, 9 volts.  230/60/3 input.  $3,750
WE2687A Miyachi IP-200A dual pulse AC programmable power supply with integral transformer. 200 VAC nominal input, single phase. PIX2 Specs Newly Arrived $3,950
WE2688 Unitek Miyachi HF25A10/240 1-280-02-03 high frequency supply, dual pulse & feedback,  with 88EZ double head and FS2L two level foot switch; ideal for battery building. 208/230/3 input.PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6 $13,750
WE2689 Miyachi ISA-500B DC Tech series power supply with RoMan 85 KVA transformer. 460/3 nominal input. Transformer TCD-1087, 500 v x 8.9/9.6 volts, 56:1 and 52:1 ratios. water cooled & MA627A programmer PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5  PIX6   More_Info $8,250
WE2690 Unitek Miyachi TCW 1-196-03 thermocouple welder 17#  Requires argon gas. Choice of  #4 wire clamp jaw, 20-22 AWG or #2; 27-31 AWG $2,125
WE2691 Unitek Miyachi HF25A10/240 1-280-02-03 high frequency welding supply, 100- 2400 amps. With RS232 & 422 interfaces.  Programmable for two successive pulses. 208/230/60/50 3 phase input. 62# PIX2 PIX3 $8,125
WE2692 Unitek Miyachi HF25A10/240 1-315-01 high frequency welding supply, 100- 2400 amps. With RS232 & 422 interfaces.  Programmable for two successive pulses. 208/230/60/50 3 phase input. 47#  PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 $9,750
WE2692A Unitek Miyachi HF25A10/4801-315-01-02 high frequency welding supply, 100- 2400 amps. With RS232 & 422 interfaces.  Programmable for two successive pulses. 480/60/50 3 phase input. 47#  $9,750
WE2693 Miyachi MT-25 transformer 15 KVA 200 x 2.6/4/5.3/8 volts. water cooled 132# PIX2 $925
WE2695 Unitek Miyachi 1-292-01-02, Uniflow2 4 KW pulsed thermode supply, 240/50/60/1.  $5,950
WE2695A Miyachi Unitek 100ADP 1-295-01 advanced dual pulse capacitor discharge welding power supply, built in weld monitor. 110 to 230 universal voltage  PIX2  $3,600
WE2696 Miyachi UB25 linear welding power supply 1-284-01  5 to 1000 amps output. CE rated  PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 115 v Newly Arrived $9,750
WE2696A Miyachi Amada DC25 linear welding power supply. 1-283-01 100 to 4,000 amps. 115 volts.6 month warranty PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6  New Surplus Newly Arrived $9,750
WE2697 Unitek Miyachi UB25 linear welding power supply with 50 light force head, opposed electrodes, CP cable, Nikon microscope,  & instruction Manual. 115 volts input PIX2  PIX3   PIX4 Other electrode configurations available, with and without air including the following: PIX5 PIX6, price on request for modifications   $14,750
WE2698 Unitek Miyachi 1-291-02 Uniflow UNFA2/120;  2 Kw,  pulsed thermode solder reflow supply with 87SA/EZ air operated head, 1.75" wide thermode holder, FS2L foot pedal   CE rated. 120 volts PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 $8,750
WE2699 Unitek 40F light force head (older version of 50F) 40 to 1000 grams, with CP pedal and B&L Scope. PIX2 $2,950

  New Hughes electrodes available from:  Advanced Integrated Technologies  
WE2700 Hughes MCW-550 supply, VTA-96 light force head, 1000 gram capacity Sold as a free standing supply and head for easy shipment by UPS. Cable foot pedal included but not shown.  PIX2  Info $4,450
WE2701 Hughes VTA-66 head, parallel gap with cable foot pedal. PIX2 More_Info $875
WE2701A Hughes VTA-66-12MV  head, parallel gap, 12" throat, cable pedal. PIX2  $975
WE2702 Hughes VTA-67 reflow head $500
WE2703 Hughes VTA-64 double head for battery tab welding. Made using a pair of VTA-60 heads. sold
WE2704A Hughes MCW-550 supply with a new battery, tested $3,000
WE2704B Hughes MCW-550 supply, dead battery, untested, as-is $1,500
WE2705 Hughes microscope mount for B&L scope $275
WE2706 Hughes MA-07-09 Goal post mounting assembly PIX2 $525
WE2707 Hughes VTA-90 vertically opposed electrodes with pedal $1,050
WE2708 Hughes VTA-90 parallel gap electrodes with pedal (not shown) $1,050
WE2709 Hughes VTA-90 small parallel gap welding head, as-is.  Left hand electrode holder has one broken leaf spring. More_info $395
WE2710 Hughes HTT-550 Thermocouple controlled time at temperature supply. 100-590 degrees C. 0.1 to 5.9 seconds. 41# $550
WE2712 Hughes HTT-650 Solderite reflow solder power supply, newer version of above with idle temperature and air latch capability. $950
WE2714 Hughes HAC-1000 AC welding controller. 208/230/1 More_Info  PIX2 $1,450
WE2716 Hughes WD2551 1 KVA transformer from HAC-1. With tap switch and CamLok connectors.  115 volts. $425
WE2717 Hughes MicroJoin reflow head; HTTSLT1000A-115 with 3.5" thermode holder. PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 $1,250
WE2721 Hughes VTA-19 single probe hand piece, 5' cable. sold
WE2722 Hughes EP-312-02 electrode pair for VTA-19 or VTA-55. New sealed $60
WE2723 Hughes VTA-20 manual roller handpiece $595
WE2725 Hughes VTA-54 tweezers welding handpiece $875
WE2726A Hughes ground probe hand piece   8' 1 AWG $200
  Hughes hand piece data-sheet  
WE2729 Hughes HRW-100C capacitor discharge supply, 100 watt seconds. 70#  $1,750
WE2729A Hughes HRW-100B capacitor discharge welding supply, 100 watt seconds. With push button presets.  6,000 amps with short pulse 70# $1,850
WE2730 Hughes HRW-250B capacitor discharge welding supply, 250 watt seconds. Has 3 weld shapes and multiple presets.7,200 amps with short pulse.  Cam-Loc output. 120 volts. 104#  $2,950
WE2732 Hughes VTA-60 welding head, 8 oz to 20# force, 150 watt sec capacity, Needs 3/8" electrode adapters $675
WE2735A Hughes VTA-60 welding head, with simple through the bench chain & pedal PIX2 PIX3 More_Info $950
WE2736 Hughes VTA-71, 2-100# force, air operated, w/c electrodes. More_Info PIX2 Newly arrived $1,250
WE2740 Hughes WD-9817-003 welding transformer,  15 KVA. 230 volts in by 2.35, 4.7 & 7.1 volts out   122# PIX2 $975
WE2741 Hughes WD-4477, 15 KVA welding transformer 230 volt input, with enclosure. Cam-Loc output.  80# PIX2  Newly arrived $675
WE2750 Hughes HRA-20 force gauge,  20# capacity Used, tested $475
WE2751 Hughes HRA-10 force gauge, 10# capacity Used, tested. $475
WE2760 Hughes HCD-125, 125 watt second, dual pulse welding supply 115 volts. RS-232, 15 pin I/O connector 37# More_Info  PIX2 $2,950
WE2762 Hughes hand pencil tip electrode pair with foot switch $450


WE2504 Raytheon J head, 2 kva or 100 wt-sec, 1-10 pound force, 9# $375
WE2506 Raytheon 2-205 weldpliers (tweezers head) up to 5 kva with water cooling. 1 to 25# force 3-7/8" throat $425
WE2518 1.5 kva welding transformer, 120/240 x .75, 1.5, 2.25, 3 volts.  43#.  $225


WE2800 AmTech Ultraweld 20 metal ultrasonic welder with AmTech 19000 ultrasonic head & Branson 900M 20 Khz supply. 230/60/1 PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6 Ideal for joining harnesses. $8,250
WE2808 Taylor Winfield EB-00 welding head, 20# maximum force $375
WE2814 WestWeld FFM 1100 welding head, with 1/8" electrodes. 1 to 18 # force $475
WE2823 Ewald WHD14T series weld head, 1 to 20 # either air or cable actuated. 8# $600
WE2866 Tetra-K Electronics 222H-ACS digital AC welding controller, C-25 SCR and TWT-3B transformer. 208/60/1.  3 in stock. More_Info $2,150
WE2874 Seiwa SFW-412, linear DC welding power supply with VH-25A air head, VB-S dual pressure follow up mechanism, 3 mm eccentric electrodes.    Feedback controlled, 4000 amps maximum output. Ideal for battery tabbing operation  115/230 50/60 input. Bench not included PIX2 PIX3 $5,950
WE2875 Seiwa MSW-412, linear DC welding power supply, thumbwheel controls. with ZH-32 air drive unit, VB-S pressure follow up mechanism, HCD-775 head controller, 3 mm eccentric electrodes, mounted on a 30 x 30" bench. Feedback controlled, 4000 amps maximum output 115/230 input. Similar to Unitek Miyachi UB25 Ideal for battery tabbing 120 volts Bench not included.  PIX2 PIX3  $4,250