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LBI005 Tinius Olsen Air-O-Brinell hardness tester, AOB2  3,000 kg capacity.  Requires compressed air and 115 volts for the timer.  s/n 138298  153# net weight. PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 $2,150
LBI067A Hunter/Ametek D Series, gauge for above. Stock includes: D-20-T, D-50M, D-150-T $325
LBI073 Chatillon DPP series spring force gauges. Ranges from 1 to 50 pounds. Some ounce and metric models available. Each: $250
LBI088 Chatillon LTS manual test stand, 50# capacity, requires separate force gauge PIX2 $625
LBI091 Hunter/Ametek L series spring gauges. Capacity to 30 pounds or 15kg. Specify range desired $225
LBI113A Ashcroft 1327B hydraulic pump, 10,000 psi $300
LBI114A Miscellaneous Shore gauges, A or D scale $200
LBI115 Shore M micro hardness durometer and stand.  Legacy_Service $975
LBI120 Alnor velometer BP series 6000P to 1500 feet per minute $525
LBI132 Instron G-61-1B, 5kg capacity jaws. $345
LBI138 Sturtevant-Richmont Torq-Tester System 3, E-M-H-150 150 ft-LB clockwise $495
LBI152 Brookfield HBT DV-I low viscosity viscometer with UL spindle set. More_Info Newly Arrived $1,150
LBI175 Ideal Aerosmith rate table 1561-12-SR30. 12" table, 30 slip ring circuits.  With built-in servo amplifier in the base. Controller not included.  part # 230025-901.120 volts  PIX2 $4,750
LBI176 Ideal Aerosmith rate table 1561-30-SR30. 30" table, 30 slip ring circuits.  With built-in servo amplifier in the base and external controller. Nuram error code on boot up. Part # 230025-903 240 volts $14,250
LBI182 Branson Sonifier cell disrupter 185CR2074 with CR2075 power head $1,350
LBI202 Scribner Associates 890-5500 fuel cell load, water cooled. Type K thermocouple input. s/n 9646109 PIX2 PIX3 $1,150

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