The following vacuum systems as priced are guaranteed to be serviceable.
All major system components are guaranteed for 60 days from receipt.
This guarantee does not insure system performance to original manufacturer's specification without normal maintenance, such as component cleaning, "O" ring and fluid replacement plus electronic tuning & calibration. Buyer must undertake these repairs.  These are not turnkey.

 VES0700 K H Frederick 1854 32" Box thermal evaporator  $47,500

Includes 32" dia z 30" tall cylindrical back stainless steel chamber with full opening, hinged, o-ring sealed door with 6" ID viewport.  The pumping system consists of a Varian VHS10 high speed diffusion pump rated at 5300 l/s, a Varian 330 water cooled baffle, pneumatic vane style  throttle valve, electropneumatic valves with sequencer and an Edwards E2M80; 57 cfm, two stage direct drive mechanical roughing pump.  The evaporative system includes dual 5 KVA filament transformers with SCR controller & ammeter, two pairs of high current feedthroughs with shutter, 30" diameter domed substrate holder with motorized horizontal plane rotation & speed control, glow discharge power supply; 7KV @ 700ma, 4 kw quartz lamp substrate heaters with control & timer, Sloan Omni III quartz crystal deposition controller. A cold cathode discharge & two position thermocouple gauge are also included.   PIX2 PIX3  PIX4 PIX5 PIX6

VES2900 Varian HS-2" water cooled pump stack $3,650

Includes HS2 -2" ASA water  cooled diffusion pump rated at 285 l/s, Varian 325 cryo trap & electro–pneumatic valves with manifold PIX2 Note disregard the air cooled diffusion pump in the main picture.  PIX3  New Surplus except for the  used diffusion pump

VES2920 Varian 3300 series cart mounted diffusion pump assembly POR

HSA/HS2/M2/M4/VHS4/M6/VHS6 systems are available either with or w/o LN2 baffle, gauging, manual or electropneumatic valving. Price dependent upon customer required components.


VES3766 Varian VE10 evaporator $1,950

10 x 11" high Pyrex jar, air cooled diffusion pump, two filament posts and mechanical pump. Vacuum tube electronics do not work PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5