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NOTE: All turbo pumps require water cooling except those listed as air cooled.

Reconditioned except as noted, 60 day guarantee

E. McGrath Inc, 35 Osborne St, Salem MA  01970


VPT100 5080 80 l/s lSO63 air cooled with control $3,150
VPT105 5081CP 80 l/s 4-1/2" CF air cooled with control, ceramic bearing $3,750
VPT110 5150 140 l/s ISO100   sold
VPT115 5150 140 l/s 6" CF air cooled with control $4,650
VPT120 5150CP 140 l/s ISO100 ceramic bearing with control $5,150


VPT145 TPH040 40 l/s ISO63 without control $3,000
VPT148 TPH050 50 l/s ISO63 with control $3,150
VPT149 TPU050 50 l/s 4 "CF  air cooled with control $3,350
VPT150 TPU060 56 l/s 4 "CF without control $2,750
VPT155 TPU062 56 l/s 4 "CF with control $3,950
VPT157 TPU110 110 l/s 6" CF new arrival POR
VPT160 TPU170 170 l/s 6" CF with control pdf-info $4,350
VPT180 TPH180H 180 l/s ISO100 wide range hybrid with control 26# net weight $6,250
VPT220 TPH240 230 l/s ISO100 with control $5,200
VPT230 TPU240 230 l/s 6" CF with control $5,400
VPT260 TPH330 300 l/s ISO100 with control $6,850
VPT275 TCP300 50 to 1500 Control only Solid state control, no cables $1,200
VPT280 TPH1500 1200 l/s ISO200 with control $12,500
VPT300 TMH1600C 1100 l/s ISO200 turbo drag with TCP600 control PM P02 462 PIX2 PIX3 $16,500


VPT380 TMP150 145 l/s ISO100 air cooled w/o control $3,450
VPT400 TMP150 145 l/s 6"CF air cooled/as-is needs bearing without control $475
VPT402 TMP150CSV 145 l/s ISO 100 oil lubricated w/ control $4,150
VPT403 TMP150CSV l45 l/s 6" CF oil lubricated w/ control $4,350
VPT404 NT 150/360     NT 150/360 convertor 85472-1. 115/230 New $1,250
VPT405 TW300 240 l/s 6" CF with Turbo Drive S and optional air cooler Pt# 800011V0010 w/o 24VDC supply. For high gas throughput New Arrival $4,950
VPT406 TW300H 240 l/s 6" CF with Turbo Drive 300 and optional air cooler pt# 800170V2102 w/o 24VDC supply. For high gas compression with lighter gases. New Arrival $5,250
VPT407 TMP340M 270 l/s ISO100 mag bearing with control $9,950
VPT420 TMP340MCT 270 l/s ISO100 mag bearings  FACTORY REBUILT with NT340 MC/T controller w/o temperature control $11,500
VPT425 TMP360CSV 345 l/s 6" CF oil lubricated w/ control $6,450
VPT430 TMP360CSVG 345 l/s 4" ASA greased with control $6,450
VPT440 TMP360 345 l/s ISO100 w/ control NEW $7,250
VPT480 TMP450 500 l/s 6" ASA w/ control FACTORY REBUILT $10,500


VPT590 V70D 60 l/s ISO63 Ceramic bearing, air cooled, w/o control $1,850
VPT600 V80 75 l/s ISO63 w/o control NEW with oil $2,525
VPT601 V80 control     with cable, 120 volts $975
VPT610 150 Dry Var 150 l/s 4 "CF 969-9162 self contained with integral supply and dry diaphragm pump. PIX2 New Arrival POR
VPT620 V200 200 l/s ISO100 Water-cooled, oiled, with new control $3,750
VPT640 V250 250 l/s ISO100 air cooled ceramic bearings w/ control $5,750
VPT645 V250 250 l/s 6" CF Macro Torr with V-250 control 969-9008 New Arrival $5,750
VPT660 V300HT 250 l/s 6"CF ceramic bearings w/ control NEW $6,250
VPT675 V450A 470 l/s 8" CF vertical or inverted operation, with control and air cooling kit $7,500
VPT681 V550 550 l/s ISO160 ceramic bearing with control $8,750
VPT682 V550 550 l/s ISO160 ceramic bearing with control. Factory rebuilt  Varian 969-9049 $9,650
VPT682A V550 550 l/s ISO160 ceramic bearing with control and cable, factory rebuilt Varian 969-9049 $9,250
VPT683 V550ICE 350 l/s 6"CF with air cooler without control $7,850
VPT191 V1000     Controller only, $2,150


VPT900 Alcatel CAT#56995 auto air inlet control for turbo vent w/o 2 way valve $395
VPT925 Balzers LF100 vibration isolator $595
VPT930 Balzers LF160 vibration isolator $795
VPT935 Balzers TZK350 turbo cooling unit $845
VPT940 Balzers TCP305 electronic drive unit w/ analog pirani gauge $2,100
VPT945 Balzers TCS120 pumping control unit $1,650
VPT970 Leybold Turbotronik NT50 turbo controller Kat# 854 03, 95-240v 50/60 Hz Operates Turbovac 50  3# $625
VPT972 Leybold Turbotronik NT20 turbo controller. Operates Turbovac 150  through 1100 C $1,495
VPT975 Leybold NT1000/1500 controller FACTORY OVERHAULED $3,500
VPT990 Varian 969-9831 turbo vent control with valve $795
VPT992 Varian 969-9461 V1800 controller, 220 volts $2,495



Note: other configurations of Varian Mini pumping stations available upon request

VPT780 Alcatel PTM 5150, 140 l/s air cooled turbo with CFF450 control and Edwards E2M5 backing pump. 115 volts. PIX2 PIX3 $5,950
VPT790 Balzers TSH170 170 l/s ISO100 air cooled with control, DUO016B-12.7 CFM direct drive backing pump. 115 volts $5,950
VPT791 Balzers TSU332 with TPU330 300 l/s, air cooled with control and DUO 016B; 12.7 cfm mechanical pump. 6" Conflat inlet.  115/60/50/1 $8,750
VPT792 Balzers TSD020 18 l/s ISO63 air cooled  molecular drag with diaphragm pump & control $4,125
VPT793 Balzers TSU050 turbo system; TSU050 turbo pump with   TCP040 control and DUO1.5A backing pump. PIX2   $4,150
VPT795 Balzers TSH/TSU 170 turbo system: TPH/TPU-170 l/s, TCP300 controller & Duo 1.5 backing pump. PIX2 PIX3 $5,195
VPT796 Leybold TOPS turbo system. Turbovac 151, NT 150/360 controller, Leybold D4B backing pump, Varian 4" CFF swing gate valve, metal bonnet seal, Viton on gate Q1523302 with 4 way Tee and BA gauge tube. Gauge controller not included PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6.     Newly Arrived $5,750
VPT799 Pfeiffer TSU521 cart pumping system with 6" CF flange, 300 l/s turbo and DUO5 mechanical pump. Tested to -8 scale 115/60/1 CE rated  $9,750
VPT800 Varian turbo cart pumping system with Turbo V550 with ISO 160 inlet, 550 l/s N2. Includes Varian DS102 4 cfm mechanical pump, Multi Gauge with 2 TC and 1 ion gauge.  115 volts. PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5  $8,250
VPT802 Varian turbo Mini pumping station; Varian V70LP Macro Torr turbo with 4.5" Conflat inlet MDP30 1.1 cfm diaphragm pump BA2 Sentorr gauge control, 2 TC tubes and ion gauge tube PIX2  More_Info  $5,950


VPC260 CT100 ISO100 diode   $3,250
VPC270 CT7 10" OD Conflat gauge 3996092 $3,750
VPC280 CT8 6" ASA On-Board Fast Retrofit, extended array, use your existing working On-Board electronics module. 812866G001 Factory Rebuilt $6,500
VPC285 CT8 6" ASA     $2,575
VPC290 CT8 10" CF On-Board 8116016G002 PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6 $4,750
VPC301 CT8F 6" ASA   Flat Pump P/N 8107038 PIX2 PIX3 $2,950
VPC320 CT250F ISO250 On-Board Flat Pump, 816152G001, New Surplus.  $10,500
VPC325 CT10 10" ASA   cryo head needs rebuilding $1,000


VPC200 HV4 6" CF diode 323-8046 Factory Rebuilt $2,950
VPC220 HV8 6" ASA diode 323-1048 Austin Rebuilt   $4,250
VPC238 HV12 10" ASA diode 323-104500 New Surplus $4,750


VPC481 Austin Scientific 2100 auto regeneration controller PIX2 $725
VPC520 CTI MC compressor $2,950
VPC530 CTI 1020R compressor, air-cooled $2,950
VPC560 CTI CTI 8011 on board control module- stand alone Runs up to 3 cryopumps. 8052300G001 225/450v, 1 or 3 phase. 450 va PIX2  NEW $1,500
VPC561 CTI CTI 8011 on board control module- stand alone Runs up to 3 cryopumps. Used, PIX2 $1,100
VPC580 CTI 8500 compressor for multiple cryopumps PIX2 Buyer needs to add Helium. 208/230/60/3 input $1,950
VPC583 CTI 8044001G01 Auto Regen regeneration control $395
VPC585 CTI 8044060 Regen Auto regeneration control $895
VPC590 CTI CTI 8042-002 analog temperature indicator $725